flat colors$10
blink animation+ $5

✦ Single characters only
✦ Icons are drawn on 530x500 canvas
✦ Blink gifs come with still versions
✦Simple bgs included, can change colors/patterns on request
✦ Stills can have blinks added at a later date for the same price
Still: ~1-2 days
Animated: ~2-3 days

flat colors$20
additional character+ $15

✦ Simple bgs included, can provide transparent version
✦ More complex bgs will be priced based on complexity
Flat color: ~1-2
Shaded: ~2-3 days shaded
More characters will take longer!

additional character+ $15

✦ Comes with minimal shading
✦ Has a noise effect by default, smooth version can be provided
✦ Very simple bgs only
✦ Art of pokemon (canon & ocs) will be fullbody unless requested otherwise
Bust: ~1-2 days
Pokemon: ~1-2 days
Fullbody: ~2-3 days
More characters will take longer!

Holiday Themed YCHs

YCH 1 
Giftwrapping Is Hard$20
YCH 2 
Fun With Lights$25
YCH 3 
Candycane Menace$10

✦ All YCHs come with shading
✦ BG colors & patterns are all customizable
✦ All props/accessories are customizable
✦ Edits can be made to body types & expression
Giftwrapping: ~2-3 days
Lights: ~2-3 days
Candycane: ~1-2 days
✦ Same ToS applies
✦ All orders placed before Dec. 20th will be finished in time for Christmas!
✦ Available until Dec 31st

Prices may be negotiable! Feel free to ask, but the minimum is $10.
All commission types have the option to come with a timelapse video at no extra charge! This must be specified ahead of time.
Note: Turnaround time estimates are best-case scenario & are based on time spent drawing!
It may take me longer to start your commission, in which case the TaT may be inaccurate.

Discounts only apply to commissions over $10. Only 1 discount can be applied per order!

Available Discounts

Mutuals get 30% off all commissions! (DM me for Ko-fi code!)
Pokemon & Pokemon OCs get 10% off! (Ko-fi code)
Bright/Colorful characters get 7% off! (Ko-fi code)
OC & Self-Insert ships with any of my favs found here get 10% off! (Ko-fi code)

Upcoming Discounts

✦ Christmas Sale! Will run from December 10th-31st for 10% off all commissions over $10!
*Does not apply to Holiday YCHs.

Time until discount start:

    By commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms! Please read them all the way through and feel free to contact me with any questions!
    (Last updated Nov/02/2023)


    ✦ I reserve the right to cancel or decline a commission for any reason! Broken ToS or overly rude or inappropriate behavior will result in cancellation, likely without refund.✦ The examples shown here were made with consistency in mind, but I like to play around with my art style so future art may look a little different!
    If there's a specific drawing of mine you like the look of, you can link it to me and I'll use a similar style for your commission!
    ✦ For the most part, I cannot work from description alone. I prefer clear visual references, the more, the better. Links to Toyhouse character profiles are accepted and encouraged!!
    However! If we know each other, I'm happy to try working from descriptions!
    ✦ My turnaround time tends to be fairly quick depending on complexity, but I ask that you wait at least 1 week or so for your commission to be completed, to account for days off & potential other clients.
    In the event your order will be majorly delayed, I will personally notify you and update my Trello status.
    ✦ Please note that I take the weekends off and thus will not be working on commissions Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, my environment can be very chaotic & distracting and as a result I simply don't have much motivation to draw sometimes, which may result in a day or so delay. Please understand. 🙏✦ I will send you a rough, colored sketch for approval before moving onto further stages and finishing the art. This is the only stage where you can request major changes! I'll ask about last-minute changes once the art is done, but keep in mind these are limited (unless there's a mistake on my part).✦ Icons & flat color commissions can be "upgraded" at a later date, even after being completed! You can choose to add shading to flat colors or blinking to icons. You only pay the difference! DM me if you'd like to upgrade a previous commission, but note that it may be lower priority than new commissions.✦ You are free to ask for updates within reason! I try to keep my Trello as up-to-date as possible but it can slip my mind sometimes. You may ask for wip shots beyond the initial sketch if you'd like!✦ Commissions ordered through Ko-fi are 100% payment upfront so they get priority in the queue.
    If you would rather use a 50/50 payment method (either through PayPal or Ko‑fi tips), feel free to DM me!
    ✦ I may also occasionally accept art trades instead! I'll be a bit picky with art styles, but feel free to ask anyway! (Wink wink mutuals 👀)
    I'm most easily reachable via Tumblr or Discord, but you can also message me on Ko-Fi or email me!
    ✦ In the off-chance my slots fill up & there's still interest, I'll open a waitlist! Just DM me saying you'd like to be contacted when a slot opens!

    Usage Rights & Ownership

    ✦ You, as the client, own only your own characters, and are only allowed to use the art for personal, noncommercial purposes. This means absolutely no profiting off my art. The art may not be used in anything involving NFTs or AI. If sharing it online, you must credit me, either on Ko-Fi, Toyhouse (Torchiiko), Tumblr (TorchsArt), or, if applicable, PFQ (Torchii).If the commission is a gift for someone else, the usage rights apply to the recipient instead. If there are multiple Ocs with different owners, the usage rights apply to all parties involved.✦ I, as the artist, retain all rights to the artwork itself. Barring commissions requested to be kept private, I may post the art online and use it to showcase my work with credit to the commissioner. You may request to remain anonymous, in which case you will not be named as the commissioner.With credit, you may: Use commissioned art freely including as a profile picture or posting it online, print or otherwise obtain a physical copy to keep for yourself or share with friends, add the value of the art to your character.Even with credit, you may not: Edit or alter the art in any way (especially with intent to remove or hide my watermark), use my art in AI in any way, heavily reference my art, or attempt to profit from it, including but not limited to: using it as an asset in videos/streams/games, uploading it to sites like Redbubble or otherwise producing items for sale, minting it as an NFT or trading it for cryptocurrency.

    Will & Won't Draw

    ✓ Humans/humanoid species
    ✓ Original species
    ✓ Fanart and fan Ocs
    ✓ Ship art ¹
    ✓ Most anthro + feral animals
    ✓ Most Pokemon
    ✓ Gore art
    ✓ Suggestive art (must be 16+ to order depending on content)
    ✓ Simple to semi-complex designs
    ¹ Includes Oc x Oc, Oc/Self insert x Canon, and Canon x Canon! If a ship involves someone else's Oc, please get their permission first

    ✗ Explicit NSFW or fetish art (including "SFW" fetishes)
    ✗ Real people (does not apply to sonas)
    ✗ Heavy gore of minors ²
    ✗ Anything hateful or derogatory
    ✗ Minor x Adult or incest ships
    ✗ Mecha
    ✗ Super intricate or heavily detailed designs
    ✗ Highly detailed or complex backgrounds
    ✗ Anything I feel uncomfortable drawing
    ² Any gore involving a minor character will be limited to scars or minor injuries such as bruising, small cuts/scrapes, or nosebleeds

    Feel free to ask about anything that wasn't listed!

    The form itself is optional as long as you include all the info I need. All my contact info is linked below!
    If you'd prefer to order through Ko-fi, click here!
    Commission type:
    Payment method: (PayPal, Ko-fi)
    Character references (links are fine!):
    Preferred background colors/patterns/etc:
    Can I post it online? If so, would you prefer to be named or anonymous?
    Would you like a timelapse of your commission? (May need to be sent via email)
    Other details:

    Completed commissions I've done recently!